Virtual reality for everyone

Cardboard is Google’s cheeky foray into virtual reality - a plain cardboard box and two lenses that become a portal to another reality when paired with a smartphone. Its affordability and playfulness made it the most widely distributed VR product in history.

Joining the Cardboard team just after their debut at Google’s I/O conference, I refined the Cardboard product and app for a version 2 launch and scaled the platform with brand partnerships like Star Wars, Mattel, and the New York Times

Precisely crafted for intuitive play

With the launch of Cardboard Version 2, we refined the details of the product while keeping the experience simple to deliver a quick and delightful introduction to VR for our users.

Cardboard V2 introduced a novel input mechanism to interact in VR with a capacitive push button made with folded cardboard and aluminum mesh.

We streamlined the assembly experience into just 3 easy steps while maintaining the original DIY delight of simply unfolding a cardboard box.

Adding magic with the mobile app

When coupled with a smartphone, Cardboard becomes a portal to another world. I designed the Cardboard app to work fluidly with the hardware, collaborating closely with the UX and engineering teams to create an intuitive transition into VR.


The design of Cardboard won numerous awards, including the Cannes GrandPrix, the most prestigious award in marketing.