Samuel Matson
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Test - Daydream Home UI


Grid system

this is a baseline grid

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Daydream Home is the central interface of Google’s mobile virtual reality platform. It’s a rich navigation and content discovery hub where users can browse, search and engage with VR experiences.

As a founding designer on the Daydream team, I helped established the look and feel of Google’s virtual reality platform and guided the continuous evolution of the user experience. I designed and built key products like Search, Welcome and Store.

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A design system for immersive interfaces

We developed a visual language for virtual reality based on Google’s Material design system, extending the metaphor into three dimensions. I developed standards for type, color, motion and layout, collaborating with research and engineering to implement a clean, lightweight interface for mobile VR.

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I developed a grid system for VR UIs and accompanying type family to established a standardized template for VR UI’s, aggregating insights from prototypes and research into clear design guidelines.


Welcome experience

I lead the design the Welcome experience, from storyboarding the narrative journey to prototyping key parts of the tutorial. My work focused on playfully introducing users to Daydream and intuitively teaching them how to interact in virtual reality using the Daydream Controller.


Search in VR

I aligned designed an extensible VR Search platform that we could gradually scale, adding new content from the Play Store, Youtube and other web sources as the engineering backend was developed.

Consistency across platforms

Daydream Home is cross-platform. Users can browse and find content either through through VR headset or on their mobile phones, making it easier to engage with VR from anywhere. I lead the design for the content discovery experience on mobile in the parallel to the VR experience, maintaining consistency across platforms.